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Join our catalog of scientific products and supplies and get access to over one million business customers. Manufacturers and suppliers that choose us as their global distribution partner grow online sales 15x in just one year.

DABOS is the one-stop solution to all your e-commerce distribution needs

Drive your business and expand your market reach with DABOS. Our B2B e-commerce website brings your products to the digital marketplace and gives you access to the organizations that need your products the most. Universities, independent laboratories, and government institutions are just a click away from finding you. DABOS has fostered quality relationships with your potential customers within the scientific industry and it is these relationships that enable us to be able to get your product to the right customer at the right time.


We are the fastest growing distributor of laboratory supplies

As the largest distributor of laboratory instruments and supplies, you can expect to connect, collaborate, innovate, and grow alongside the market’s best scientific equipment suppliers and laboratory equipment suppliers. We will also bring your medical laboratory supplies to the companies that need them most.


Product analytics

and customer


When you partner with us, you will also gain insight into valuable product analytics that can be leveraged to your competitive advantage. When you understand how your brand is perceived by your customers, you can address key factors to drive change, increase sales, and increase product loyalty.


Join our E-Commerce Distribution Channel

that is dedicated to

scientific products

Getting to market is a challenge for any business that manufactures or supplies scientific products. DABOS is here to make it easy. We are your one-stop shop for all your e-commerce needs. We grow your product visibility, drive your sales, and fulfill your orders.


With our complete e-distribution services, there is no global market we cannot reach for you. Growing has never been easier!


Fulfillment by DABOS

will let you grow

without growing pains

We are here to get your products to end-users with as few touch points as possible. We provide quick, easy, and painless fulfillment services for busy companies looking to grow without all the growing pains.


Our order fulfillment services are ideal for businesses that do not ship orders themselves or have grown out of their warehouse capacity and capabilities. With us, you can allocate your valuable resources elsewhere and let DABOS serve as your complete e-commerce division. Our fulfillment warehouse is staffed with professionals dedicated to taking your business to the next level. Learn more about our fulfillment services.


Easy Manageable Electronic Distribution that is just a few clicks away

Partnering with DABOS is simple, all you have to do is:


» Schedule a meeting with us

» Upload your product catalog

» Go to market


Manufacturers and suppliers that choose us as their global distribution partner grow online sales 15x in the first year.