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A fulfillment partner
you can rely on

Here at DABOS, we do not just bring you sales, we also provide order fulfillment services you can rely on. Our order fulfillment services are ideal for businesses that want to outsource their shipping department. DABOS is here to serve as your complete e-commerce division

Our services accelerate mass distribution at

a low cost

We provide same-day and next-day delivery services to our clients in some of the fastest-growing biotech and life-science corridors in the world. We guarantee quick and effective last-mile delivery to your prized customers.


Our services accelerate mass distribution at a low cost, ensuring your products get to market with the smallest shipping and handling costs possible. This not only saves you money, but also increases your market competitiveness. Sell more for less with DABOS.


State-of-the-art fulfillment warehouse

Our state-of-the-art temperature-controlled storage environment is perfect for storing sensitive and fragile products. So you know they will be safeguarded from start to finish.


Worry-free fullfilment of high value products.

We understand that brand security is of utmost importance to you, as are the scientific equipment and products you sell. Are your products of high value? Are they highly regulated? Do you need comprehensive solutions to transport your sensitive medical laboratory supplies? Our top-tier security standards are designed to protect and safeguard your high-value products so you can ship and deliver worry-free. Our fulfillment warehouse is staffed with professionals dedicated to protecting your interests and safeguarding your products from start to finish.


Not only that, but our comprehensive fulfillment solutions allow you to monitor and track your product shipment, including live cells.


White-glove service for perfectionists

Providing excellent customer service is our top priority. The five-star quality experience and white-glove service our clients receive is what makes them choose us time after time. And our inbound/outbound service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our effective end-to-end fulfillment services follow a strict protocol to ensure your products make it to its final destination in record time:


» Order confirmed

» Item picked

» Item packed

» Package shipped

» Shipping tracked

» Package delivered


We are proud to be the trusted global distribution partner of the best medical and scientific supply and manufacturing companies selling on the market today.