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Customers come to us because they
know we support, encourage, and
equip innovation

Our customers choose to purchase their scientific supplies through DABOS because they know we support, encourage, and equip innovation. They trust us to bring them the best and highest-quality supplies and products in the scientific and medical community.

Scientific and

medical experts

come directly

to us

We are proud to be trusted by the best suppliers, manufacturers, and businesses in the scientific community. Customers trust our catalog of scientific products and supplies and consult it first to find what they need. When you partner with us, you get access to those one million business customers that need your products to do their job right.


We increase product visibility through research and experiments

Gain exposure for your brand when you partner with us.


One of the pillars at DABOS is to support essential research and experiments taking place within the industry. When you partner with us, you increase your chances for product placement in the reputable scientific research and scholarly journals we support. Do not miss the opportunity to appear in some of the industry’s best scientific research papers and scholarly journal articles. Be seen with DABOS.


Your efficient global fulfillment partner

We provide same-day and next-day delivery to our clients in the fastest-growing biotech corridor in the world, including the nation’s top scientific agencies. By partnering with us, you will get easy access to the best markets on the planet.


Easy, manageable e-distribution is just a few clicks away

Scientific and medical experts come directly to us—the largest supplier of laboratory instruments—to purchase essential products for their labs, universities, government entities, and more.


When you choose DABOS as your distribution partner, we give you full access to our product tech team staffed by the best product specialists.

DABOS is one of the largest online distributors of laboratory instruments and supplies. When you join our e-commerce distribution channel, you can expect to connect, collaborate, innovate, and grow alongside the market’s best scientific equipment suppliers and laboratory equipment suppliers.

Be our next success story!